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Bangladesh Market:

Think Made in the Sino-German Technology … Think ESS

Sino-German– Home& Commercial of ELEVATOR AND ESCALATOR in Bangladesh

The China has always been at the forefront of the manufacturing industry ever since the industrial revolution of the 19th and 20th century where they were named ‘The workshop of the world’, and now in the 21st century they are one of the largest growing economies for Vertical and Horizontal Solution. Here at ESS, we take great pride in our Sino-German heritage within the industrial manufacturing sector. In fact, the very first Elevator and escalator was created by Greek mathematician Archimedesin 236BC

CHINA Manufacturers are renowned for producing high-quality products that consistently exceed the customers’ expectations, and they are no different with only EU and UK sourced components being used on Chines products, rest assured that what you purchased will be of a high standard and finish.

CHINA is known for being innovative and pioneering, these qualities have ensured we stay at the top of our game regardless of the uncertainties that have loomed over us due to Brexit. We have gone from strength to strength and this forward thinking and dedication have allowed the CHINA manufacturing industry to contribute to a wide range of sectors worldwide.