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Global Warranty

Internationally Renowned Manufacturer

Engineering solution and supplier work with a host of internationally renowned Manufacturerto ensure our Vertical and Horizontal solutions are built to the highest standard and only using components. Because of this, it means that should anything go wrong with your Elevator we are able to offer a global warranty on all of the components.

Our coveragein all four corners of the Bangladeshto ensure that our customers receive the same service and support as our Dhaka ones. We work closely with our Mother Company which can give you the confidence that your elevator is covered for all eventualities. Because we use highly reputable brands for all our components it means that we are able to put you in contact with Us which cover the Bangladesh maintaining our DAZO Elevator, and will aim to get to site no matter where it is in the world at their earliest convenience.

To read more about our warranty policies click here or get in touch with one of our sales team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.