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International Market:

Think Made in Sino-German Technology… Think ESS

Experts in the supply and installation of Elevator globally

Over 60% of our turnover is exported, and DAZO Brand supplied to various countries around the world. This means DAZO customers are dependent on Its products in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and North & South America. This is because of DAZO dedicated, focused its Quality Equipment and our expertise in installation and supplying generators globally in all conditions.

With a flexible production line, we can fully customize the products to suit your needs. Based in Selby, the heart of Bangladesh, Our dedicated team of professional technical engineers can offer solutions to any requirements that you may have.

Offering Home, Passenger, Hospital, and Commercial use ensures that our products come with a global warranty and those key components are supported by the manufacturer or by a local agent.

No matter your location, with ESS you are in safe hands. Our export team has over 20 years’ experience in importing products, ensuring our team has a thorough knowledge of export procedures, methods of transport and documentation. Our team ensures your products are carefully packaged for import, meaning our goods arrive at your destination safely.